Introducing ‘The Evolving Way’


The Values that Shaped a Company, Seeded the Valley, and Changed the World.

Trope invites you to experience the HP story like never before with The Evolving Way. Created in collaboration with HP senior executives, thought leaders and innovators, this meticulously crafted book chronicles pivotal moments across HP's storied past, present and future, along with how the founders' early philosophies laid the groundwork and inspiration for many of today's modern technology companies like Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Google and more.

Artfully Conceived. Meticulously Produced.

Multilayered. Rich with detail. Timeless, yet contemporary. A publication worthy of a company that seeded Silicon Valley and changed the world. Countless hours of collaboration, research, design and editing, printed and assembled with the utmost care. Crafted without compromise, The Evolving Way is more than a book — it's a work of art.

In an HP first, Trope editors, writers and designers were granted exclusive access to rich archives dating back to the company’s origin. Thousands of artifacts, documents and photographs were painstakingly reviewed, scrutinized and restored. Hours of interviews with key HP visionaries and team leaders revealed how Bill Hewlett and David Packard’s unconventional ideas continue to influence and shape the company today.

HP’s Past, Present and Future

The five chapters of The Evolving Way tell the story of this legendary company through its values. While HP’s origin story and the “HP Way” are at the heart of Silicon Valley history and culture, The Evolving Way examines how those fundamental ideas have guided the company’s growth into one of the world’s most respected and well-known brands.

01 the garage

An icon of entrepreneurialism that has inspired generations of inventors, innovators and startups.

02 The Next Bench

A progenitor of human-centered design principles that today are the heart of best-in-class products and software.

03 Human Potential

A respect for the individual and an enterprise-wide imperative to make a contribution – to the business and for the world.

04 Technology For All

A definition of continuous improvement that always means both more affordable and better.

05 A Greater Responsibility

From cradle to cradle, a commitment to planet, people, and community.

Celebrating the HP Way

The "HP Way" has attained a kind of mythological status for anyone familiar with the company’s history of phenomenal growth and innovative culture. It’s a different way of thinking about business, of managing people, of integrating the broader interests of society—a way that not only sparked Silicon Valley, but impacted the entire world. The Evolving Way celebrates HP’s storied history and examines how the HP Way evolves to meet each moment, each challenge, and how its principles continue to shine the light forward.