Alex Sheyn

Alex Sheyn started toying with photography at a young age, frequently serving as official photographer on family trips with his dad’s old camera gear. Having grown up in a family of architects, artists and musicians, Alex's own career path led him to a degree in Art and Design and to his exploration of design and photography. For his city and street photography, Alex strives to show urban environments in ways that elicit unexpected emotion – through editing or using unexpected vantage points, often a combination of both.

Alex’s go-to camera is a Canon 6D, or a Sony a6000 when the Canon feels too cumbersome. While he admits to falling in love with some photos from his iPhone, he typically prefers the editing power of a traditional setup. He loves to edit from scratch, appreciating the power of RAW format and fine-tuning until satisfied. He notes, however, that choosing the right filter can be just as artistic, and may be the right path to get a desired effect. Alex is a Senior Art Director at Odopod, a digital design agency in San Francisco.

Instagram: @theonlygoodalex

Alex’s Prints

“​I am very influenced by work that seems somehow impossible. In illustration, it could be a level of detail that seems impossibly tedious but wholly worth it. In photography, a photo taken at the perfect place and time while also being beautifully composed. In design, a perfect blend of visual appeal and message, neither being compromised by the other, but instead complemented."


Alex’s Books

Alex's work is published in Trope Chicago, the first in the Trope City Editions series, a collection of urban and architectural photography books of cities around the world by today’s emerging photographers. Alex's work is also featured in Above and Across Chicago.

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