LGBTQ+ Icons Gallery Exhibition

We celebrated the launch of LGBTQ+ Icons by David Lee Csicsko and Owen Keehnen with a talk, book signing, and gallery.

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Natkin: The Moment of Truth

Limited-edition slipcases – only available at

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Trope City Editions

A collection of urban photography from cities around the world by today’s emerging and independent photographers.

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The Blue Ridge Collection II

The second installment of Mike Poggioli’s awe-inspiring photographs of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

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Introducing ‘The Evolving Way’

A meticulously crafted book that invites you to experience the HP Story like never before

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Capturing The Moment of Truth

Over the past four decades, Paul Natkin has had a front-row seat to chronicle the excitement and excess of the music industry, culminating in a newly curated collection, Natkin: The Moment of Truth.

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Trope Prints

From our books to your walls, our museum quality papers and printers produce amazing looking prints that will impress even the most discerning eye.



Trope Journal

Behind the Shot: Taro Moberly

Taro Moberly, a street and travel photographer based in Kyoto, Japan, shines a light on the stories behind some of his most famous shots for Trope’s Behind the Shot series.

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In Conversation: Mike Poggioli

Mike Poggioli is one of those rare photographers who truly meditates on his subject before shooting, and his passion for the craft is obvious. Winding career paths eventually led him...

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