London After Dark

Discover London After Dark, photographed by Bal Bhatla - better known online as Mr Whisper. He spent over 10 years capturing the bright city lights, bustling streets, and the energy of Londoners. 

Trope Paris Front Cover

Trope Paris

Trope Paris, the sixth volume in the Trope City Editions series, celebrates the architecture and urban landscapes of France's capital city and a global center for art, fashion, gastronomy and culture.


Above and Across Chicago

Above and Across Chicago captures the stunning beauty of Chicago as seen from the sky. Showcasing the city's diverse architecture, iconic shoreline, bustling streets, and natural scenery, the images capture Chicago's unique personality and charm.

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Life as a Cabaret

Life as a Cabaret celebrates the diverse underground scene, showcasing its glamorous yet punk, queer, and messy essence.


Trope New York

Trope New York, the fifth volume in the Trope's City Editions series, celebrates the architecture and urban landscapes of one of the world’s cultural capitals.



Monochrome exhibits Peter Dazeley’s captivating handcrafted platinum prints of plants, animals, and flowers, created using the renowned 1876 Platinotype method.

Weeds Tavern Press Kit

Weeds Tavern: Poster Art by Sergio Mayora

Echoing the bright colors and catchy phrases of Sergio Mayora’s poster art, Weeds Tavern collects over 40 of the iconic posters that once adorned the phone booths and streetlamps of Chicago’s streets.


Fashion Icons

Fashion Icons celebrates the origins and contributions of some of the world’s most remarkable and gifted fashion designers throughout history.


Wonder Around Every Corner

Discover the world of travel photographer Michael Sidofsky, @mindzeye. Explore breathtaking locations and learn his editing secrets in Wonder Around Every Corner.


When Do You Feel Free?

When Do You Feel Free? is a collection of over 100 hand-written responses, alongside photographs that answer the question, “When do you feel free?”

The ABCs of the Automobile Industry Press Kit

The ABCs of the Automobile Industry

In The ABCs of the Automotive Industry, designer Carlos Segura introduces readers young and old to some of history's most iconic (and sometimes) forgotten cars, from Azzurra to Zagato.

Icons Composers Press Kit

Iconic Composers

Iconic Composers highlights the origin and contributions of some of the world’s most remarkable and gifted composers throughout history.


Natkin: The Moment of Truth

Over the past four decades, Paul Natkin has had a front-row seat for music history, attending over 10,000 shows and concerts to chronicle the excitement and excess of the music industry.


Science People

Science People celebrates the diversity of the scientific community around the world. Meet more than 50 trailblazers in botany, biology, physics, engineering, mathematics, and a host of other STEM fields.


LGBTQ+ Icons

LGBTQ+ Icons spotlights the history and contributions of 50 pioneering artists who lived and worked around the world.


Blue Ridge Dreaming

Blue Ridge Dreaming celebrates the magic and drama of one of the most breathtaking landscapes in the United States. 


In Kyoto

In Kyoto  introduces photographer Taro Moberly, who guides readers through the many faces of Kyoto, his adopted hometown and Japan’s cultural and spiritual heart.


Trope Chicago

Trope Chicago, the first in the Trope City Editions, is comprised of 206 images produced by 27 independent photographers from Chicago and beyond.


Trope London

Trope London showcases modern & traditional architecture through photos from 14 emerging photographers in London and beyond.


Trope Tokyo

Trope Tokyo showcases a fusion of ancient & modern architecture in photos by emerging photographers from Tokyo and beyond.


In the Arena

In the Arena profiles 34 American leaders who captured their party’s nomination for the presidency, but never reached the Oval Office.

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Trope Hong Kong

Trope Hong Kong celebrates the juxtaposition of colorful chaos and architectural order of this iconic, constantly changing city.