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We are a boutique publishing platform for the modern era.

Our Story


Trope is a platform for image makers, creators, storytellers, and imaginative business minds; a publisher of highly crafted content that elevates emerging masters, illuminates the legends in the shadows, and reveals hidden diamonds underfoot. Words, images, experiences: artfully conceived, meticulously produced, distributed to those who seek the timeless in what is now.

Working with artists, designers, writers, influencers and emerging photographers, Trope seeks to integrate both digital and print channels to amplify new narratives for the reader. We publish books, host events, produce films and develop media that is focused on subjects that deserve closer looks, new angles, and attention to details never before considered.




B O O K S   &   P E R I O D I C A L S

In a digital world, books are a luxury, timeless objects that compel the reader to look more deeply. A book elevates the content it contains and inspires contemplation. The first Trope Publications were Trope City Editions, a curated collection of urban photography by emerging photographers from around the world. In them, hundreds of contemporary urban images have been carefully curated by Trope editors and assembled into a collection of hardbound monographs for readers to enjoy. Meticulously crafted and beautifully produced, the Chicago, London, Hong Kong, and Tokyo Editions are available for sale, with other city volumes, including Paris and New York, to come.







F I L M S   &   M E D I A

The art of film—beautifully shot, artfully combined, masterfully edited—inspires emotion, a sense of the hero’s journey in any subject. Trope Films is a collaborative enterprise with award-winning director and cinematographer, Terry Maday who currently is directing a docuseries of short-films about emerging photographers and social media influencers from around the world, titled, One Frame. Two 8-minute short films feature Lucy Hamidzadeh, a London photographer, writer and social influencer and Hong Kong based photographer, architect and influencer, Vivien Liu, is a part of the One Frame docuseries.





E X H I B I T S   &   E V E N T S

A well-curated exhibit, a perfectly choreographed event: shared celebrations of what can be accomplished by ambitious creators who demand a venue that mirrors their own sense of what is essential. Trope Exhibits and Events—at our adaptable creative headquarters in Chicago and our network of creative spaces around the world—bring content to life in a shared space that inspires dialogue, collaboration, and an evolving sense of what we may next build together.



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