André Bayard

André Bayard began shooting in 2016 after moving to Chicago from Seattle. While he had always enjoyed taking pictures of travels, family and friends, he got serious about it once he found himself on his own in an unfamiliar place. To get to know his new home, a photographer friend suggested that he explore the city with his camera, taking pictures and sharing on Instagram. He credits photography and Instagram with helping him to build a new life in Chicago, connecting him to friends and other photographers who inspire him and his work.

André describes himself as a street photographer, although he speculates that he could easily become a nature photographer in the right environment. Essentially, he wants to share what he sees and experiences through his photography, wherever he may be. He currently shoots with a Sony a7 II, which is smaller and lighter than his previous cameras and frees him to take it along to more places. He edits with Lightroom, starting with a preset and then adjusting and experimenting with lighting and tone. André has also lived in South Korea and Uganda, working as a volunteer and teaching English as a second language.

Instagram: @a.m.bayard

André’s Prints

“For me, Instagram has always been a way to meet people. Everyone I have met and become friends with in Chicago, and other cities, has been through Instagram, and they are the people who have most influenced me and my photography. I am constantly learning and being inspired by them.”


André’s Books

Andre's work is published in Trope Chicago, the first in the Trope City Editions series, a collection of urban and architectural photography books of cities around the world by today’s emerging photographers. 

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