Aneela Choudhary

Aneela Choudhary is a Queens native from New York City. She was inspired to practice photography as an outlet to share how she experiences a moment, situation and place. In the past few years, Aneela has honed her skills and expanded her portfolio by placing focus on encapsulating the hustle and bustle along with the quiet moments that can be found in the nooks and crannies of the city. Photography serves as a hobby and personal pastime alongside her passion within the mental health sphere, where she offers her services as a psychotherapist. 

She describes the practice of photography to be a meditative experience that enhances being  present. Through a lens, she is able to heighten her engagement with a new atmosphere. The process of analyzing a setting and selecting angles to capture photos invokes a need to be more present as she mindfully explores dimension, lightening, depth, use of reflection and perspective. The editing segment is also very relaxing and thought-provoking for her as she reflects on the quintessential way to portray a story or feeling.  

Aneela primarily engages with New York City urbanscapes to illustrate the city in a dreamy, romanticized way that counteracts the assumption that New York City is always on the move and waits for no one. Aneela wishes to invite people to feel and think deeply, or not at all, through the eye of introspective photographs in an urban landscape. 

 Instagram: @aneelias

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Aneela's work is published in Trope New York, the fifth volume in the Trope City Editions series, that celebrates the architecture and urban landscapes of the “city that never sleeps,” one of the world’s cultural capitals.