Aurélie Guisiano

Aurelie Guisiano is a Paris-based photographer and digital creator, originally from Toulon on the French Riviera, and has an academic background in philosophy and art history. While her favorite medium is painting, she turned to photography to create paintings that evoke emotions. Influenced by artists like Caravaggio and Magritte, she discovered the world of artistic photography through David Lachapelle's masterpieces.

Her creative journey involves staging photographs and graphics, initially inspired by Lachapelle and later evolving into capturing spontaneous street scenes, a challenge she embraces for its unscripted nature. 

Her artistic style is characterized by bright scenes, moody tones, and chiaroscuro, defining her work in both urban and natural settings. Despite her distinct style, she values all types of photographs, as long as they captivate her, with a particular fascination for colorful images.

Instagram: @globalworming