Bernie Ng

Bernie Ng is deeply passionate about Hong Kong and its unique architecture and skyline, and devotes his spare time to capturing it. He bought his first camera, a Canon PowerShot, as a US exchange student and was initially drawn to landscape photography. Now a lawyer, Bernie primarily shoots architectural and urban subjects, with a focus on strong lines, symmetry, patterns and colors. He entered the world of drone photography after being gifted with his first drone unit by his wife, and used it to explore interesting angles and express Hong Kong’s unique aesthetic. Today, the majority of his work is aerial photographs.

Bernie’s images reveal his affection for Hong Kong, its colorful neighborhoods and beautiful skyline. His work is inspired by the city’s diverse geography, from its gorgeous harbor to its spectacular mountains and secluded bays. He admits that drone photography is a completely different ballgame, changing the way he sees his subjects compared to traditional photography. He finds it both liberating (perfect composition through flight!) and challenging (so many details to ensure the camera returns in one piece!), but thrives on the unpredictability.

Instagram: @itsbernie81

Bernie’s Prints

“Photography is documenting life as it happens, it’s capturing the decisive, unexpected and unique. Over the years, my style and work have changed but I’ve always focused on street portraits, with a side of architecture.”


Bernie’s Books

Bernie’s work is featured in Trope Hong Kong, third in the Trope City Editions series, which celebrates the colorful chaos and architectural order of this iconic, constantly changing city.