Brittany Eliza Kunkel

Brittany Eliza Kunkel is a New York City based photographer and video creator, originally from Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  

With a passion for painting since she was a child, Brittany earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Denison University, and a minor in art history. At Denison, she explored the deconstruction of fairytales and dreams on canvases up to 10’ wide, utilizing various mediums to bring an alternate, uncanny world to life.  

Brittany has made visual storytelling her career, now cutting storylines as a TV editor. She spends her free time composing her own stories through photography and video, with a style heavily influenced by her painter’s eye.  

Inspired by the eerie quiet that envelops the city while most are still asleep, Brittany often ventures out before sunrise with her camera. She seeks out ethereal moods and scenes that evoke nostalgia, romanticism, and a bit of fantasy. Brittany uses her camera not only to capture a scene, but often to create a sort of dreamscape, telling a deeper story through color, light, and composition. 


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Brittany's work is published in Trope New York, the fifth volume in the Trope City Editions series, that celebrates the architecture and urban landscapes of the “city that never sleeps,” one of the world’s cultural capitals.