Daniel Moreno

Daniel Moreno, a photographer from Venezuela now based in Chicago, has been fascinated by film and the audiovisual medium since an early age. This passion naturally led him to discover his love for photography. Captivated by freezing moments in time and finding beauty in everyday surroundings, he believes that life itself is art and the camera serves as a tool to capture those ordinary yet extraordinary moments. Always in pursuit of the perfect shot, Daniel constantly follows the sun and the moon, seeking out urban landscapes and symmetry within the ever-changing cityscape of Chicago. This vibrant city has offered him the opportunity to explore a multitude of photography styles, from ground-level perspectives to capturing the sky, enriching his artistic journey.

Instagram: @daedmorgon

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Daniel's Books

Daniel's work is featured in Above and Across Chicago that captures the stunning beauty of Chicago as seen from the sky. Showcasing the city's diverse architecture, iconic shoreline, bustling streets, and natural scenery, the images capture Chicago's unique personality and charm.