Elisabeth Argillier

Native of Montpellier in the south of France, Elisabeth Argillier has been living in Paris for 16 years and has fallen in love with the city and its rich heritage. 

While she always had a penchant for photography, her passion blossomed through Instagram. On the app, she met other Parisian photographers who helped her improve technically. As her skills progressed, she upgraded her camera from a crop sensor to a full-frame lens, which allowed her to see things differently. Likewise, she shifted from basic editing applications to Lightroom, discovering its transformative capabilities that let her explore new dimensions in photo editing. 

Elisabeth’s lens has been her faithful companion and they are always on the lookout for new perspectives when exploring Paris, both indoors and outdoors. The themes of her photos include light and architecture, especially Parisian monuments and beautiful buildings. However, she also enjoys showcasing the authentic and lesser-known aspects of Paris, away from the tourist trails. She is also passionate about the zinc Parisian rooftops and their various shades of grey, never missing an opportunity to climb up and capture a sunset. 

Elisabeth tries to convey her love for Paris and its unique atmosphere through her photos that capture its true essence and slices of Parisian life.

Instagram: @elisabarg

Elisabeth's Books

Elisabeth's work is published in Trope Paris, the sixth volume in the Trope City Editions series, that celebrates the architecture and urban landscapes of France's capital city and a global center for art, fashion, gastronomy and culture.