Jason Lumsden

Jason’s love for Chicago started at a young age. Though he grew up in the western suburbs, and only traveled to the city every now and then, each time that he did, Jason was left awestruck. He couldn’t fathom men could dare dream up the towers that kissed the sky. He was fascinated, mesmerized, and hooked. Fast forward to adulthood and Chicago has become his playground for photography.   

Jason believes the Windy City is everchanging, providing endless opportunities to capture something amazing. Whether the skyline is being updated or the fickle weather changes the lighting of the skies, there’s always something fresh to shoot. Jason hopes his work serves as a catalyst for people to visit this great city, because he believes it stands above the rest in the world and will inspire others as it did him. 

Instagram: @waywelling

Jason's Books

Jason’s work is featured in Above and Across Chicago that captures the stunning beauty of Chicago as seen from the sky. Showcasing the city's diverse architecture, iconic shoreline, bustling streets, and natural scenery, the images capture Chicago's unique personality and charm.