Jeremy Cheung

Jeremy Cheung is a Hong Kong-based urban and architectural photographer. He has a passion for capturing spontaneous moments and urban stories with an attention to mood, geometry and typography. His personal work often fuses abstraction vs. reality, minimalism vs. complexity, and/or symmetry vs. imperfection. Through Jeremy’s lens, the mixed feelings of living in Hong Kong are illustrated from an authentic, subtle, perhaps poetic or even ironic perspective.

Jeremy draws inspiration from observing and sharing the way in which the city, nature and people interact. Resistant being pigeonholed into a specfic genre, he believes that a body of work should be concept-led and dynamic. Jeremy looks for compelling visual appeal, capturing candid unrehearsed moments and creating strong contrast between static and moving elements. What started as a hobby over 15 years ago has become a full-time job: working with global brands, exhibiting his work, and leading urban photo walks in his beloved Hong Kong.

Instagram: @rambler15

Jeremy’s Prints

“Hong Kong is a diverse, ever-changing city – be it the physical landscape, urban development, or political situation. Every day, artifacts are disappearing as well as newly inserted. The challenge of adaptation alone makes Hong Kong a unique place for photography. Also, it is my home and I feel the responsibility to use my photography to capture her well.”


Jeremy’s Books

Jeremy’s work is featured in Trope Hong Kong, third in the Trope City Editions series, which celebrates the colorful chaos and architectural order of this iconic, constantly changing city.