Jess Angell

Jess Angell studied photography in school, but when she bought an iPhone and discovered Instagram, she fell in love with photography all over again. She began shooting the London Underground in 2011, drawn to its look, feel, and history and inspired to capture its distinctive spaces and architecture. She finds new ways to look at the escalators, stairs and tunnels of famous European Transport systems every time she travels, unearthing magical details, patterns and lines that others might overlook. Jess doesn’t consider herself a traditional photographer, preferring to shoot and edit primarily with her latest iPhone and share her photographs with her devoted Instagram followers.

When she first started taking photographs, Jess says she would “just shoot the space.” Today she brings a more sympathetic eye to her work, appreciating a space's unique beauty and personality. She likes to keep her compositions simple in order to let the details shine, bringing attention to what is happening at the corners of an image. She describes her personal photography as a story told through symmetry, curves, tunnels, empty spaces and lines. Jess also works as an Instagram consultant with brands like Barbour, Hunter, Thomson Holidays, Marc Jacobs, IKEA and Absolut Vodka.

Instagram: @miss_jess

Jess’s Prints

“I just love the architecture and design of the London Underground – how every station is different and how spaces evolve and change over time. There is something very beautiful about deep underground spaces. They should be preserved and kept safe for generations to come.”


Jess’s Books

Jess's work is included in the award-winning Trope London, the second volume in the Trope City Editions series showcasing iconic cities around the world.

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