Jessamine Barnieh

Jess Barnieh’s interest in photography began as a teen, fascinated by old photos of her Filipino parents and family members and enthralled by the stories in each of them. She began taking photos consistently in 2013 after moving from London to Hong Kong, inspired to document the experience of living in a new city. Jess draws her creativity from a sense of adventure and curiosity, then channels it into images vibrant with color, scenery, light and shadow.

Jess finds joy and inspiration simply in taking photos of everyday life around her. It may be colors, architecture, people, or just quiet details or scenes that she wants to commit to memory. A full-time copywriter, Jess’s words and photos are a gentle reminder that beauty and art are all around us, and that taking the time to explore what’s right in front of us can be a glorious adventure in itself.

Instagram: @jesso

Jessamine’s Books

Jess's work is featured in Trope Tokyo, the fourth volume in the Trope City Editions series, which showcases both the quiet traditionalism and sleek futurism of contemporary Tokyo.