Kameron Sears

Graphic designer and photographer Kameron Sears finds that many elements of design and photography go hand-in-hand, making it easy for him to find ways to intertwine the two fields he is most passionate about. He feels that his style is still evolving, moving on from the architecture and cityscapes he shot when he was first getting started. Today he finds himself gravitating more toward street photography, inspired by the works of Vivian Maier and Saul Leiter, among others.

Kameron prefers to edit shots from his Sony camera in Lightroom, and to use Snapseed/VSCO when editing shots from his phone. He generally begins the process using a preset from VSCO as a starting point, then make further edits until he is satisfied with his results, steering away from extreme edits and embracing the philosophy that less is indeed more.

Instagram: @ksears_

Kameron’s Prints

“I feel like Chicago has a little bit of everything. A variety of architecture, the river, the lake, the “L,” diverse neighborhoods, the four seasons, and overall, humble and real midwestern people. All those things, combined with a huge photography community here, keep me inspired.”


Kameron’s Books

Kameron's work is published in Trope Chicago, the first installment of the Trope City Edition series, a collection of urban and architectural photography books of cities around the world by today’s emerging photographers. Trope Chicago is comprised of 206 images from 27 independent photographers from Chicago and beyond.