Karl Solano

Karl Solano describes himself as a visual architect with an innate curiosity about the human condition. Prior to photography, Karl’s first loves were his guitar and basketball. He purchased his first camera in 2011 for a study abroad program and began shooting seriously in 2015, starting with videos and photos for his band and for his job as a restaurant manager. Signing up for classes and tutorials to improve his skills, he took his camera wherever he went. His appetite for adventure led him to street photography, exploring Chicago’s diverse neighborhoods to capture their essence and the unique moments he encountered in each.

Inspired by Chicago’s history, architecture, culture and people, Karl strives to add to the city’s overall aesthetic with his work. He describes his photography as “street/gritty,” occasionally even channeling tricks from his skateboarding days to get the shot he wants. He likes to scope out a scene, get a sense of what might be expected, and then think about how to approach it in a new way, looking for a more insightful shot.

Instagram: @karlsolano

Karl’s Books

Karl’s work is featured in Trope Chicago, the first installment of the Trope City Edition series, a collection of urban and architectural photography books of cities around the world by today’s emerging photographers. Trope Chicago is comprised of 206 images from 27 independent photographers from Chicago and beyond.

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