Kelly Kopp

Kelly Kopp is an avid lover of all things NYC and his goal has always been to share this amazing city with people who have the same love for the city as he does. 

He has created an entire business for those that are captivated by the charm and vitality of this thriving, bustling Metropolis from all over the world in regards to his photography, videos, published works, and tours. Kelly’s goal is to also bring NYC to those who may never have the opportunity to visit. He’s always believed we do not need to speak the same language to exchange how we truly love NYC together, thus his desire is to reach as many people as he can through his photography and videos. No matter where in this world a person calls home, New York City has a special place in so many people's hearts, and Kelly strives daily to connect them to their home away from home. 

Instagram: @newyorkcitykopp

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Kelly's Books

Kelly's work is published in Trope New York, the fifth volume in the Trope City Editions series, that celebrates the architecture and urban landscapes of the “city that never sleeps,” one of the world’s cultural capitals.