Kwe Bentum

Photographer Kwe Bentum has a degree in biotechnology from Chicago’s Roosevelt University and is an avid iPhone and Olympus camera shooter. Street photography is a favorite genre, and he loves to capture unplanned moments of the city and its people, knowing that they can never be replicated. He also loves to focus on a theme in his street photography, such as shooting window reflections or detailed rainy moments. He also enjoys conceptual photography where he carefully selects his subject and location, thinking through the colors, clothes, and how they complement the background. Although time-consuming, he finds it very rewarding once all the pieces come together.

When shooting, Kwe primarily uses his Olympus OMD EM5 Mark II and iPhone. He finds that switching between cameras results in unique perspectives on the same shot, such as when he used his iPhone and camera to capture raindrops on a window, and realized that their size and texture appeared differently due to different lens characteristics. While he occasionally experiments with different filters or programs for editing, he primarily prefers to edit a photo from the start, fine-tuning contrast, highlights, colors and clarity until satisfied.

Kwe’s Prints

"Photojournalism in different countries would be a perfect photography assignment. There are many places in the world with less media coverage, and some of these places may also have preconceived stereotypes that have obscured their positive aspects. I would love to travel to these places to experience their true lifestyles and document those moments for myself and others."


Kwe’s Books

Kwe's work is published in Trope Chicago, part of the Trope City Editions series, a collection of photography books of cities featuring today’s emerging photographers. He also appears in the upcoming documentary, One Frame.

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