Kyle Yu

Born in Hong Kong, Kyle Yu attended and graduated school in New Zealand where his early interests included photography and graphic design. Today, his images of his native city provide an enlightening and empathetic record of the buildings and architecture that have bestowed a distinctive character upon the city over the years. For Kyle, witnessing and capturing these settings and scenes are a means of preserving Hong Kong’s aged structures and documenting them for future generations.

To depict the famed density of Hong Kong’s architecture, Kyle trims contours of photographed buildings on pictures in an effort to make them seem even taller, almost stretched beyond the frame, and arranges them in geometrical compositions of abstract forms rich with sharp angles and contrasting colors. He confesses a tendency to pursue an “almost obsessive” symmetry in his work, ensuring that lines are as straight as possible, and where feasible he includes moving people in the frame for additional context.

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