Lichao Liu

For Lichao Liu, photography is a form of frozen art that turns any fleeting moment into tangible and lasting memory. Composed random or not, each frame carries the flow of a unique story, the weight of time, and the echo of emotions.  

 Born in Beijing while studying in both the UK and US, Lichao is now an architect working in downtown Chicago. Having traveled around the globe with cameras at young age, later also with her drone, Liu has constantly recorded and reflected her own self-growth through the experiences of various cultures and built environments.  

Trained professionally as an architect, as well as a designer, creativity has long become a way of thinking and is reflected in her photography via perspective and composition, on the ground or above. Lichao is always observing her surroundings with a curious eye, viewing urbanscape with passion, and enjoying natural landscape with admiration while capturing with gratefulness. 

Instagram: @jennylichao


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Lichao's Books

Lichao's work is featured in Above and Across Chicago that captures the stunning beauty of Chicago as seen from the sky. Showcasing the city's diverse architecture, iconic shoreline, bustling streets, and natural scenery, the images capture Chicago's unique personality and charm.