Lucy Hamidzadeh

Hailing from South East London, Lucy is a photographer with a deep affection for unpredictable weather and the bustle of city life. Her early career was spent working for the Monarch Travel Group, where she honed her skill as a writer and developed her penchant for travel – and photography. Today, her distinctive approach to street photography creates complex and multi-layered images that feel effortless in their execution. Lucy creates fictional micro-worlds that are emphatically her own, transporting the reader into the intimacy of the moment.

Lucy’s work is highlighted in her solo book Unfinished Stories, a collection of photographs that capture the daily lives of people on the streets, in trains, at cafés – going through the business of their day but captured in an indelible way by Lucy’s camera. Their "unfinished stories" offer a lasting glimpse at the fleeting moments Lucy encounters on the streets of London.

Instagram: @juicylucyham

Lucy’s Prints

“My take on street photography allows me to step out of my own life story, escape reality and disappear into someone else’s story, just for a moment. Everything and everyone is new, and in that moment, I have the freedom to discover a whole new world.”


Lucy’s Books

Lucy's work is featured in the second volume of the Trope City Edition series, the award-winning Trope London. Her solo book Unfinished Stories brings together Lucy's words and pictures to create portraits full of emotion, nostalgia and quiet beauty.