Mark Anthony

Isaac Williams, known on stage as Mark Anthony, is a Drag King and Cabaret performer from the UK. After finishing an undergraduate degree at Oxford University and postgraduate study at Birkbeck College, University of London, Mark fell into drag through the LGBTQ+ community in London, and over the next seven years, thanks partly to a rare visual condition that hampered their ability to pursue other livelihoods, what began as a hobby turned into a full-time career. Mark now performs across the UK and internationally and is the reigning Mr Boylesque UK. He is proud to be the first trans-masculine performer to hold the Mr Boylesque title in any country and is keen to increase the visibility of trans/non-binary performers wherever possible. Through satire, nostalgia, music and burlesque, he hopes to pass on the feeling of empowerment that drag has given him, using it as a medium of social commentary about inequality, gender, identity, trans representation and queer joy.  

Instagram: @markanthony.dragking