Michael Hsu

Fascinated by the outdoors and nature from a young age, Michael Hsu was first drawn to photography in middle school because of a crush on a classmate who was in the photography club. Wanting to impress, he joined the club but ultimately fell in love with photography instead of the girl. Today, Michael finds inspiration for his photos in new places, and in the shapes, colors, light and quiet moments he finds there.

Born in Taiwan, Michael grew up in Beijing and went to university in Michigan. He moved to Hong Kong after graduation and found himself captivated by the beauty of the city and its surroundings. Today, he travels the world pursuing his dream of becoming an airline pilot, and continues to find inspiration in landscapes, sunsets, and other moments in nature.

Instagram: @michaelhsu95

Michael’s Prints

“I like to describe my work as colorful, and focused on capturing the beauty of nature in scenes such as sunsets and landscapes. I hope that my viewers see my photos and are able to share in the emotions and experiences that I felt while I was there in the moment.”