Michael Sidofsky

Michael Sidofsky is a professional photographer from Toronto, specializing in elevated travel photography. Being an avid traveler and photographer, his goal is to capture the essence of a destination through advanced techniques in photography and post-processing. His images aim to portray a unique perspective of places or things that may seem commonplace to the everyday eye, but which trigger some sort of emotional reaction. Whether he’s shooting landscapes, cityscapes, streets or architecture, his goal is to always create a connection between the subject and the viewer.

Michael has worked with notable brands including Samsung, Sony, Ford, Hilton Hotels, Air Canada, Scotiabank, and Fjallraven, as well as the tourism boards of Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Indonesia, the United States, and Dominica. His work has been sold as part of Sotheby’s Modern & Contemporary Discoveries Sale.

Instagram: @mindz.eye