Mitsuru Wakabayashi

Mitsuru Wakabayashi’s casual interest in photography took a turn toward something more serious thanks to a barista at his local coffee shop. With his encouragement, Mitsuru bought a Sony camera instead of solely taking photos on his iPhone, a pivotal moment in his journey as a photographer. Photography allows Mitsuru to experience his travels and adventures more consciously and intensely, and gives him opportunities to meet people. He is inspired by a desire to photograph places he might not otherwise travel to, and wants to capture every moment as a record that will last a lifetime.

Mitsuru's perspective on life has changed completely since he began taking photos; he describes himself now as more fascinated by the beauty and nostalgia inherent in everyday moments. When moved by something he witnesses in his daily life, he no longer feels the limitation of an experience only lasting for a moment. Instead, through his photography, he can now preserve that moment for his lifetime and beyond.

Instagram: @mitsuru_wakabayashi

Mitsuru’s Books

Mitsuru’s images are featured in Trope Tokyo, the fourth volume in the Trope City Edition series, which showcases the quiet traditionalism and sleek futurism of this iconic city.