Nick Crawford

Nick grew up in and around Los Angeles, including time as a pre-law student and a dental veneers salesman. On a whim he decided to move to Chicago, picking up a camera to share what he was up to with friends and family back home. That hobby became a passion, and now photography is a big part of his life. Initially drawn to architectural and street photography, Nick has turned his lens to more landscape and travel photography, in addition to capturing his adopted home of Chicago.

Nick strives to make the viewer truly feel in the moment, not just looking at a static landscape or street scene. In all his imagery, composition is key, and he displays a meticulous eye for the balance of light and shadow.

Instagram: @nickcrawford

Nick’s Prints

“Although I wasn’t born here, Chicago will always hold a special place in my heart. From its iconic skyline to the elevated trains to the street hustle, there's so much to love, especially as a photographer.”


Nick’s Books

Nick's work is featured in Trope Chicago, volume one of the Trope City Editions series, a collection of urban and architectural photography books of cities around the world by today’s emerging photographers.

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