Ryland Hormel

San Francisco native Ryland Hormel’s passion for photography began just as his college soccer career was ending. Searching for a post-graduation hobby, he realized his love for nature and his desire for a lifestyle of freedom and creativity were priorities, and that photography could be the right path to both. His early experiments felt natural and authentic, and he was all in. Today, he describes his approach to shooting as very free, striving to remain in the moment and not let preconceptions get in the way. His goal is to create bright, vibrant images that bring positivity into a viewer's day.

After moving to Chicago, Ryland’s longing for his beloved ocean and mountains launched him on a quest to find nature in the Windy City. His search helped him discover what would become a favorite theme in his photography: a lively, fluid blend of urban and adventure imagery. He primarily shoots with a Sony a7RII, whose travel-friendly size works well with his on-the-road, adventurous lifestyle.

Instagram: @ryhormel

Ryland’s Books

Ryland's work is featured in Trope Chicago, part of the Trope City Editions series, a collection of urban and architectural photography books of cities by today’s emerging photographers.

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