Ryland Hormel

Born and raised in the iconic Haight Ashbury neighborhood in San Francisco, Ryland’s passion for photography began just as his college soccer career was ending. Realizing athletics had an expiration date after sustaining a series of injuries, he yearned to dive into a new pursuit, one that he could sustain and would complement his lifestyle. The camera was the right path to both. What started as a hobby slowly grew into a professional career. He has worked in both the commercial and documentary space and his photography was first published in Trope Chicago.

Today, Ryland describes his approach to shooting as loose and free, striving to listen, remain in the moment and not let preconceptions get in the way. He sees the camera as a bridge—connecting to a new realm of life. Aside from his photography projects, he designed and led an Artist Incubator Program with the non-profit TA98, is a co-host of the Live Better Retreats, is producing his first documentary film and holds an MFA degree from California Institute of Integral Studies. He lives on his boat in the Bay Area with his dog Moose and is on a mission to create work and experiences that connect people with themselves and others.

Instagram: @ryhormel

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