Sergio Mayora

Sergio Mayora is an artist, poet, singer-songwriter, and actor. The long-time bartender and host at Chicago's iconic Weeds Tavern, Sergio became well-known for creating his collage posters to promote the club. Commissioned by Willie Dixon’s Blues Heaven Foundation to make a four-plate spirit box for Carlos Santana, his work has been shown at the Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art, the Citlalin Gallery Theater and the INTUIT (The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art) gallery in Chicago.

Sergio's Books

Before the days of social media and the internet, as host and bartender Sergio Mayora attracted a loyal, diverse, and eclectic crowd to Weeds Tavern with his unique and vibrant collage poster art promoting the bar. Echoing the bright colors and catchy phrases of Mayora’s poster art, Weeds Tavern collects over 40 of these iconic posters that once adorned the phone booths and streetlamps of Chicago’s streets.