Sonja Weiss

Sonja began her photography journey after moving to Chicago from Atlanta in 2015. She became acquainted with her new home by exploring the city and lakefront in her free time, captivated by Chicago’s impressive architecture and unpredictable weather. Photography was a natural extension of her excursions, leading her to new friendships as well as a new passion. A self-described “full-time nerd” with a biochemistry background, Sonja has always had an artistic side and her photography is a rewarding, inspiring creative outlet.

For inspiration, Sonja travels as much as she can, gathering information on the places she most wants to visit and locations of interest to shoot. She edits with Lightroom, preferring to keep her process simple with minimal presets or filters.

Instagram: @badluckbae

Sonja’s Prints

“My photos usually are a bit edgy, finding new views on roofs, exploring abandoned buildings, or experiencing street culture. My sense of adventure drives a lot of what I do but every now and again, I don’t mind enjoying a beautiful sunset as my escape from the stress of daily life.”


Sonja’s Books

Sonja's images are featured in Trope Chicago, volume one of the Trope City Editions series, a collection of urban and architectural photography books of cities around the world by today’s emerging photographers; and in Trope Hong Kong, volume three, celebrating the city’s juxtaposition of colorful chaos and architectural order.

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