Taro Moberly

Taro Moberly is a street and travel photographer based in Kyoto, Japan. His passion for photography started when he moved to Japan from his native California in 2015. Originally just a way to share his life with friends and family back home, his photography practice quickly became a source of curiosity and an opportunity to explore the world around him. Today, he’s interested in using photography to share how he sees the world, its cultures, and its people. He hopes to inspire others to seek out the beauty that surrounds them.

Taro’s Books

In Kyoto introduces photographer Taro Moberly, who guides readers through the many faces of his adopted hometown. His images capture the mystery of the city’s traditional architecture, bamboo gardens, and luscious sakura. He then turns his distinctive eye to Kyoto’s more modern areas and street photography, layering them with the same atmospheric allure. Sprinkled throughout In Kyoto are traditional poems about the city, in both English and Japanese, to add another dimension of time to the images.