Varun Thota

When UX designer Varun Thota first took up photography, he shot primarily with his iPhone 5S. After a year, he invested in a basic camera with a digital screen and no viewfinder. He learned quickly about aperture, light, and focal length, upgrading to a full-frame camera shortly thereafter. Varun's style evolved as he grew his skills and developed the confidence to explore different lenses, lighting and overall variation in his shooting. He expanded into aerial photography with the purchase of a drone, which enables him to shoot favorite locales and scenes from a fresh perspective.

Varun spends much of his professional time solving problems for clients and businesses, often limited in his creative expression by the constraints of the project. Photography is an escape, freeing him from creative restrictions and allowing him to fully express himself and his views on the world. Varun hopes that viewers find his photography revelatory and inspiring, presenting them with previously unknown views and scenes of beauty, even from within their own cities.

Instagram: @vnthota

Varun’s Prints

“Hong Kong is a special city – unlike any other city in the world. It’s so densely populated and packed, and that makes for some incredible shots both at street level and from above. The contrast between the city, with its neon lights and Blade Runner-esque energy, and the tranquil mountains surrounding it, lends a distinctively surreal vibe to the view, especially when you’re above the clouds, looking down.”

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Varun’s Books

Varun's images are featured in Trope Hong Kong, volume three in the Trope City Editions series, which celebrates the colorful chaos and architectural order of this iconic city.