Veronika Marx

Veronika Marx began her career as a stylist and often showcased her love for the elegance and edge of the 1950s in her selections. After starting a career in photography, Veronika noticed a gap between both forms of art and decided to close the gap by creating Verve Rockabilly Studio. Over the years, she has compiled an expansive vintage wardrobe of accessories, retro clothing pieces and props, and helped build the confidence of her clients while creating a space for them to feel beautiful. As Verve Rockabilly expanded over the years, Veronika has been featured in magazines such as Vintage Life Magazine, Bomb Boudoir, Slovakian OK Magazine, and has worked as a photographer for Playboy CZ and several celebrities like burlesque queen Immodesty Blaze and Miss Miranda, to name a few.

Instagram: @vsanchorstudio

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Life as a Cabaret celebrates the vibrancy and diversity of the underground cabaret scene, uplifting and representing those who are typically overlooked. With a focus on Drag Kings and Queens, Burlesque, Boylesque, and Queerlesque, this book showcases this incredibly dynamic and fascinating world for what it really is – glamorous, polished, and professional at times, but also intoxicatingly punk, inescapably queer, and gloriously messy.