Vince DeSantiago

Photography has always been a part of Vince DeSantiago’s life; he took multiple classes in high school and college, and grew up with a dad who represented Chicago photographers. A serious motorcycle accident in 2015 made him take a hard look at his goals and priorities, and he realized he wanted to get focused and elevate his sometime-hobby into a career he could love. Today, he finds that his approach and style change depending on what he’s shooting, but the consistent element throughout is his pursuit of the story behind the scene.

An ardent Leica ambassador, Vince uses only Leicas when he shoots. He enjoys how the manual focus of a rangefinder camera, like his Leica M240, forces him to slow down and stay in the moment, to think about what he’s shooting and which storytelling elements he’s trying to capture. He tries not to spend too much time on editing, finding that his Leicas help him achieve what he wants in terms of color, and ultimately believing that the best photos don’t need too much done to them.

Instagram: @vincedesantiago

Vince’s Books

Vince’s photography is featured in Trope Chicago, the first in the Trope City Editions series, a collection of urban and architectural photography books of cities around the world by today’s emerging photographers.

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