Vivien Liu

Coming from a background in architectural design, Vivien Liu discovered a passion in photographing the urban density and architecture of Hong Kong and cities around the world. She quickly developed a strong sensibility portraying space as seen through the first person, which now defines her style. What began as a weekend pastime transformed Vivien into one of the most prolific urban photographers in Hong Kong, with over 249,000 followers on Instagram. Her style has broadened to include portraiture, natural landscapes and product photography.

Being There, Vivien's first solo book and the fourth installment in Trope’s Emerging Photographers series, takes viewers on a breathtaking journey through Hong Kong, Moscow, Tokyo, Rome, and Zhangjiajie, China. Her work is trusted by a range of clients including Nikon, Jack Daniels, American Express, Huawei, Samsung and The Hong Kong Tourism Board.

Instagram: @vdubl

Vivien’s Prints

“I want to capture the experiences that I have when I travel. The things I see, people I meet, every emotion of joy, sadness, nostalgia, love and exhilaration. I stay inspired by new places and the work of other artists I admire.”

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Vivien’s Books

Vivien's debut solo book, Being There, is the fourth volume of Trope's Emerging Photographer series and explores the dialogue and tension between people and spaces through portraiture, landscapes, and street photography. Her images are featured in Trope Hong Kong and in Trope Tokyo, the third and fourth volumes in the Trope City Editions series.