Vlada Kozachuk

Photography has always been more than just a set of pictures to Vlada Kozachuk; it’s a tool to help her keep memories alive. Growing up in Saint Petersburg, Russia, she always had a camera in her hands, capturing important moments in order to commit them to memory. After moving to Chicago in 2016 to study graphic design, she suddenly found that her hobby had become a true passion and was the career she wanted to pursue. Now back in Russia, Vlada prefers to shoot outside, always in search of new locations, and describes her style as urban/street photography and outdoor portraits.

Vlada typically uses a Sony a6000 and a 50mm lens, and believes it important for every professional to find the equipment that best allows them to express their vision accurately and eloquently. She shares that her favorite part of photography is the editing phase, where she feels empowered in her ability to create anything she can envision.

Instagram: @vladak_photo

Vlada’s Prints

“While there are many photographers whom I admire, I think that inspiration comes from inside. I perceive other people’s work as an opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences, and I believe that a good photographer can take a picture with any camera just by having an idea.”


Vlada’s Books

Vlada's work is included in Trope Chicago, the first in the Trope City Editions series, a collection of urban and architectural photography books of cities around the world by today’s emerging photographers.

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