Yuto Yamada

Yuto Yamada was born and raised in Tokyo. He spent time in New York for post-graduate study before returning to Japan to continue his work as a freelance designer. In 2013, he moved to Berlin, where he started shooting as a way to share his new surroundings with family and friends. As he experimented, he learned to look at light and details with a more deliberate and thoughtful eye, gaining skills and confidence, and ultimately launching his career as a photographer and video creator.

Yuto describes his style as street photography, documenting the city’s skyscrapers, neon signs and the vibrancy of the people he meets. He leverages his graphic design skills in his editing, for a uniquely beautiful end result. In recent years, he has been photographing Japan to promote its beauty in the world. He creates tutorials for Adobe Lightroom and shoots advertising and corporate projects, and is sponsored by camera companies and others including Apple.

Instagram: @tokio_kid

Yuto’s Books

Yuto’s work is featured in Trope Tokyo, the fourth volume in the Trope City Edition series, which showcases the quiet traditionalism and sleek futurism of this iconic city.