A Commitment to Craftsmanship

Artfully conceived, meticulously produced, distributed to those who seek the timeless in what is now.

About Our Books

 Trope is dedicated to creating books that are works of art, as aspirational as they are timeless. We believe that in a digital world, books are a luxury that should compel the reader to look more deeply by elevating the content it contains, inspiring contemplation and transporting them to another place and time.


Every publication we produce is the result of countless hours of collaboration, research, design and editing. Trope was founded by award-winning, agency-seasoned designers and photographers, and our editorial passion is driven by a relentless attention to detail, the quest for a perfect shot, and a commitment to craft without compromise.



 Inspired By Emerging Artists

Meticulously crafted and beautifully produced, our books are inspired by our vast network of artists around the world. Photographers, illustrators, writers – we’re always looking for fresh and emerging talent to partner with for our next project. Many Trope artists are active in the social space as respected influencers and brand ambassadors. Their work is seen collectively by more than six million followers on Instagram.




Printed Without Compromise 

The quality of our books is felt from the first moment you pick it up to the last page you turn. Creating a timeless object starts with selecting the best materials and printers in the industry. We personally select every paper used, specify unique printing techniques and work closely with our printers to ensure our level of quality is met in every phase of the book-building process. From printing with ultra-bright UV inks, to extra detailing with debossing and foil stamping, to using raw cut edges for a cover to make it stand out – we don’t shy away from the unconventional, and strive to make every book worth cherishing forever.