Trope New York

Trope New York, the fifth volume in the Trope City Editions series, celebrates the architecture and urban landscapes of the “city that never sleeps,” one of the world’s cultural capitals. The collection highlights the photographic images of independent photographers from New York and beyond, who through their passion for the craft, creative development, and social media smarts have attracted impressive followings on Instagram.

This carefully curated and bound collection of photographs offers a new perspective of New York. Each chapter is accompanied by a map, along with the locations where the photographs were taken. From high above Central Park to the lights of Times Square, these images command a strong point of view: digitally processed, filtered, toned, de-saturated, sharpened, for a very urban sensibility. Showcasing both the colorful flash and quiet elegance of contemporary New York, the images reveal distinctive and dramatic visions of one of the world’s greatest cities. A thoroughly modern collection, the book includes photographs of some of the city’s iconic destinations like the Empire State Building, Grand Central Station, and the Chrysler Building, as well as some of the city’s newest attractions, including Little Island, the Edge, and the Oculus.

Featured photographers include: Alexandre Martin (, Aneela Choudhary (@aneelias), Beatriz Bajuelos (@walkupnolaundry), Brittany Kunkel (, Buddhathida Wangsrimongkol (@cartoonztnz), Chris Ngu (@thetechcreative), Chrystian Alvarado (@3v3ntive), Declan McWhinney (@declanrmc), Diogo Paulo (@diografic), Dylan Walker (@dylanwaalker), Farhad Sarvari (@nycitybelike), Graham Chapman (@gh_chapman), Jamie King (@kingy27nyc), Jason Lee (@_le_vent_dans_la_plaine), Jay Wu (@gjieparadise), Kelly Kopp (@newyorkcitykopp), Ksenia Marchenko (@ksu_hin), Laura Sills (@lauraskills), Marc Santiago (@qsylver), Michael Sidofsky (@mindzeye), Michele Thompson (@magpie_n_moo), Mike Poggioli (@mpthecomebackid), Monaris (@monaris_), Quentin Mui (, Ray Leung (@tribecaphotographer), Reece Predmore (@reece.o), Sanmi Krueger (@capital.shutter), Selvon Ramsawak (@selvon.nef), and Tom Maday (@tommaday)

Trope New York will be available in bookstores fall 2023.