Ari Gurdon-Lindey

Although she always had a camera on hand over the years, Ari’s passion for photography truly developed when she downloaded the Instagram app. Fueled by the inspiration and community she found there, she first shot exclusively on her iPhone and embraced the concept of sharing her photos and discovering like-minded people. After early experimentation with different looks and techniques, her approach has evolved to what she feels is truly her “look” – an authentic reflection of her confidence, experience and vision.

In capturing scenes around London, Ari brings a keen eye for the vibrant colors, movements, and emotions in everyday moments. Whenever possible, she looks for opportunities to make a connection through eye contact with her subject; although it can feel intimidating, she also finds the exchange exhilarating, and has found that it makes for the best photos.

Instagram: @ari55

Ari’s Prints

“Quick and on the move. Full of characters. Taking a candid photograph is a split-second decision, so I don’t have time to think too much before I press the shutter. I go with the flow rather than position myself in one place waiting for that perfect someone to walk past.”

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Ari’s Books

Ari's work is included in the award-winning book Trope London, the second volume in the Trope City Editions series, showcasing the moody romanticism and striking modernism of contemporary London.

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