Chris Holmes

Chris Holmes is a self-taught photographer specialising in street-level urban photography working under his pseudonym Brxtn Pistol, a name taken from the south London borough where he lives. While simultaneously balancing the demands of a corporate career, Chris carves out time for his creative photography, striving to capture the essence and vibrancy of cities and seeking out a fresh view of the familiar.

Often waking before dawn, photographer Chris Holmes captures rare moments of solitude and calm as the city of London yawns, stretches and begins its day. His high-contrast scenes depict the miniature dramas unfolding all around us, obscured by the hectic pace of metropolitan life. Moving to London as an adult, Chris fell in love with the city in tandem with his development as a photographer and shoots his adopted home as both a romantic insider and an impartial admirer. (quote from Chris’ work has been published by Trope in its book Hidden in Chaos which is part of Trope Editions, a new contemporary book series showcasing the work of young and emerging photographers from around the world.

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“The concept of photography is what I find the most interesting. The simple idea that we have the opportunity to capture a scene, a movement or a colour, an everyday image that's unique to the individual who sees it."

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