Selvon Ramsawak

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Selvon Ramsawak found himself going to school in the heart of the city for both high school and college. He would walk the streets of New York borough to borough finding beauty in unique compositions, intersecting streets and framing views to portray the city the way he saw it.

Initially taking photos with his cellphone and working his way up to entry level DSLR then to mirrorless, Selvon learned you won’t always have the ideal means to capture your vision but any means is a memory that can be made. He started photography to document the things he saw as a timeline. Certain memories he can associate with a place and photograph. Currently Selvon have found himself in the real estate division of photography. It’s surreal to capture buildings and even neighborhoods that define New York City’s skyline and livelihood. 

Instagram: @selvon.nef

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Selvon's work is published in Trope New York, the fifth volume in the Trope City Editions series, that celebrates the architecture and urban landscapes of the “city that never sleeps,” one of the world’s cultural capitals.