Tetsuo Ishikawa

Based in Osaka, Japan, Tetsuo began shooting in 2015 when he bought a camera to record his travels. Originally focused on landscapes, Tetsuo’s work has shifted to people and the moments of their everyday lives. He is also inspired by the four seasons of Japan, and enjoys shooting each of them in a way that showcases their distinctive moods and vibrant colors.

Tetsuo's passion for photography is fueled by the inspiration he finds on social media. He says that it was after joining Instagram that his own style became more defined, focusing on people and everyday scenery through his deliberate, thoughtful lens. Tetsuo uses a Fujifilm X-T2, rarely shooting with any other camera or mobile device. He finds Lightroom essential to his editing workflow, to adjust for brightness and color balance and achieve his desired effect.

Instagram: @tetsu6o6

Tetsuo’s Books

Tetsuo’s work is featured in Trope Tokyo, the fourth volume in the Trope City Editions series, which celebrates the quiet traditionalism and sleek futurism of this dynamic metropolis.