It’s Important to See Things from a Different Perspective

It’s Important to See Things from a Different Perspective

Get to know the talented Trope photographers through in-depth interviews, each offering unique insight into their craft. 

Inspired by the four seasons of Japan, Tetsuo Ishikawa (@tetsu6o6) is at his happiest walking the streets of Kyoto on a rainy day, where he always tries to capture a moment or scene in the best possible way. Based in Osaka, Japan, he began shooting in 2015 when he bought a camera to capture his travels. Landscapes first caught Tetsuo’s imagination, but his work has shifted to capturing people, which he now incorporates into much of his work. His photographs are featured in the Trope Tokyo City Edition.

It all started when I bought a camera to travel in 2015. I used to shoot just landscapes. Now, I shoot everyday scenery with people. People are essential for my photography. Before I press the button, I always think about what I want to show first in the photo.

When I shoot, I’m using a Fujifilm X-T2. I hardly shoot with other cameras or iPhone. And I think Lightroom is essential for editing photos. I use it to adjust overall brightness and colour balance in my photos.

Social media is what got me hooked on photography. After I started Instagram, I established my style. I’ve been inspired by the four seasons of Japan. I enjoy shooting each one of them in its own way. I especially love shooting a rainy day in Kyoto.

If someone was just starting out photography… I would tell them to keep shooting! I learned that it’s important to see things from a different perspective.