Artist Spotlight

We're bringing you recent announcements surrounding the work and projects of Trope photographers. 

Tobi Shinobi, Trope Publishing Co

Tobi Shinobi (@tobishinobi) 

Tobi Shinobi recently held a Photo Talk at Filter, a creative space in Chicago, with photographer Sandro Miller, who wrote the foreword for Equilibrium. He was also interviewed by NR Magazine, a publication in London, about his debut solo book.
Eren Sarigul, Trope Publishing Co
Eren Sarigul (@erenjam)
Eren Sarigul was featured on Adobe Lightroom's Instagram account where he conducted a Q + A. He also created a video walking followers through his editing process during a day's shoot. 
Ope Odueyungbo, Trope Publishing Co
Ope Odueyungbo (@greatarsenal)
Ope Odueyungbo is on the judging panel for the 2021 Environmental Photographer of the Year, an international competition co-sponsored by Nikon.
Vivien Liu, Trope Publishing Co
Vivien Liu (@vdubl)
Vivien Liu's work is featured by Bamboo Scenes in Hong Kong, a curator of exceptional local photography.