Behind the Shot: Major General Winfield Scott Hancock

Behind the Shot: Major General Winfield Scott Hancock

Major General Windfield Scott Hancock

Detail of Major General Winfield Scott Hancock

That is the statue of Hancock. He was just such a compelling Civil War figure, it made sense that he was memorialized in the form of an equestrian statute. It’s at a very prominent location in Washington, DC. It’s a quintessential equestrian statue and was used in the introduction sequence to House of Cards. People know that statue and, combined with the fact that there were no other Winfield Scott Hancock options, it made it an obvious choice. I do remember that, like all good architectural photographers, I did have to wait out a really heavy rainstorm. And then all of a sudden, the light hit his face and the statue just perfectly and we got a really nice picture.

Major General Winfield Scott Hancock statue

Major General Winfield Scott Hancock

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