Behind the Shot: Motörhead

Behind the Shot: Motörhead

Paul NatkinChicago’s foremost music photographer, shines a light on the stories behind some of his most famous shots for Trope’s Behind The Shot series.

They're kind of crazy guys. Their publicist suggested I pick them up and take them somewhere to do a photoshoot with them. So they all got in my car and said, “Let’s go and get something to eat” and my first thought was, “Okay, I'm going to take them to McDonald’s.” They're all English and going to McDonald’s probably wasn’t a regular thing for them.

Motorhead at McDonalds

They're just total posers. If you look at the entire shoot they posed with Ronald McDonald and they posed with the Hamburglar. I bought them all burgers and cokes or shakes, and they sat down at a table and they just started doing stuff.

The bands that are comfortable with their own image are great because they do great stuff. If I were to ask them to all stand on their heads they would have done it. Yeah. And that's probably why they were so successful, you know, standing out from the other punk bands in that crowd.

Paul Natkin profile

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