Capturing Sights Nobody Has Seen Before

Capturing Sights Nobody Has Seen Before

Get to know the talented Trope photographers through in-depth interviews, each offering unique insight into their craft. 

Through photographing the beautiful and challenging surroundings of Japan, Wataru Sato’s (@locowataru5) main goal is to capture the feeling of being “lost in Japan.” A freelance photographer and filmmaker, Wataru’s style mixes elements of travel, nature and landscape photography. Living in both Tokyo and Nagoya, being able to combine the city and his love for the great outdoors sparked his interest in photography. His goal is to show the unseen from his own perspective and give people the feeling of being there themselves. His photographs are featured in the forthcoming Trope Tokyo City Edition.

I’m a freelance filmmaker and photographer full-time…  shooting for companies and filming music videos. I’ve been busy, especially with work in countries outside of Japan. I began taking pictures four years ago because I wanted to show the beautiful scenery and streets of Japan to the world. I often seek out places that no one has ever seen before which inspires me to go out there and shoot. 

Since I first took up photography, my style has evolved. I started out taking street snaps, but I gradually began to pursue sights and places across Japan that no one had ever seen before. When I’m taking a photo, I tend to use a calming expression, one that genuinely makes the viewer want to visit the place I’m capturing. I think about the story of the photo that I’m imagining in my head. 

I greatly admire the work of Vincent Urban... his images have had a huge influence on my career of becoming a filmmaker and photographer. I hope that when people view my work, they try to see familiar landscapes from a different perspective. The sights, sounds and senses. And I hope that being able to share my views with people around the world will become art for me.

Tokyo is not my hometown but I visit the city often for work. And every time I visit, I feel a passion for it. Especially since the old back alleys have a unique image unlike any other city in the world. The city keeps me inspired. Shooting in Tokyo is a great way to meet new people, especially photographers. I think that’s unique to this city and it attracts high-level photographers from all over the world. But as much as I enjoy the city, I really do love nature. Sometimes Tokyo feels too noisy for me.

For someone who is just starting their photography journey... it’s important to take lots of pictures - you’ll realize that there’s a whole world to discover. Photography can also tell you a lot about your character and yourself. I believe this has made me a kinder person.