Capturing the London Underground in a Unique Way

Capturing the London Underground in a Unique Way

Jess Angell, Trope Publishing CoI have been shooting the London Underground since 2011. I joined Instagram and fell in love with capturing the spaces and architecture.

When I first started taking photos, I used to just shoot the space. Now, I look at angles and details. I look at what happens at the corners of the image. And, I look sympathetically at the space that I am capturing.

I like my photographs to be simple, but the details to be important. I’m fascinated by the architecture underground, and how if you stop and take a look to appreciate the space, it’s quite beautiful. I would say my photography is all about symmetry, curves, tunnels, empty spaces and lines. And, I just love the look, feel and history of the London Underground. If you stop for a few seconds to look around at the details in any of the stations, you can see a different personality. Some stations have that feeling of being in space, whilst others have colourful tiles. There is something very beautiful about deep underground spaces. They should be preserved and kept safe for generations to come.

I just love the architecture and design of the London Underground. How every station is different and how spaces evolve and change over time and years. I find new details, patterns and lines every time I travel on the tube. I don't wait too long to take my images, usually only around five minutes. If it takes longer I walk away and plan to come back another day to capture it. Charing Cross station is a favourite of mine. The blue details and lines always make me smile. London also has some great escalators to photograph.

I still use my iPhone as it takes great photographs of the artificial lights in the underground. I don’t plan my shots, so if I see an empty space when I am on the tube, I reach for my iPhone. I have it on me at all times, so it’s instant. I also love editing my photographs on my iPhone.

Instagram has had a huge impact on my photography. I started sharing photos to Instagram in February 2011. I loved it instantly and would take photographs of everything. Then, I started to take photographs of the London Underground a few months later. I still remember when I posted something other than the ‘Tube’ to my account. My followers said NO, we want the tube pictures! And so, I created a second account and @MissUnderground was born. I still mainly plan my shots in square format and use minimal filters. 

I love capturing a space in the underground and getting people appreciating the angle or view that I have created. I love hearing people say that I have a unique view of the world, and that my photographs are beautiful and surreal. I want people to just to look around as you go about their daily life. Someone spent a lot of time to design the building you are in, or the metro system you use every day. I want people to appreciate the design and the attention to detail.

JESS ANGELL describes herself ‘as a girl in love with the London Underground’. Her long-term photography project focuses on catching the London Underground at its most artistic. Jess’ eye is drawn to the many corridors, escalators and tunnels that make up the transport system. And, it’s here that she has honed in on her skill and patience of capturing eye-catching architectural symmetry and patterns.

Shoots with: iPhone